Do you have your dream business but are beginning to be bogged down?

Losing track of why you began it in the first place?

About the Service

As your Business Consultant, I will help to improve your business’  performance. Operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational & operational  structures, identifying challenges and developing achievable, step-by-step development plans.

By working towards optimizing efficiency, a consultant can work beside you from an objective standpoint and offer solutions or assist with researching the right solution for you.

I work with small businesses from a consultative standpoint.  First taking time to get to know and understand the founder’s vision and intention.  Then, sitting in on the day to day, learning the driving forces of their clients and employees.

What you Get:

  • Face to Face/Skype Consultation Sessions

  • Shadow of day to day operations, communications and logistics

  • Custom build a framework to help actualize your dreams

  • Step-by-by plan of action - Uniquely tailored & attainable

  • Key insights from my years of invaluable leadership experience in order to support the growth of your business.   

  • Empathic consultant who has well rounded experience and passionately believes in the value of the vision you are bringing into the world

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